Best Acne Treatment

June 16, 2021 Best Acne Treatment

I Know Your Struggle.

Acne. The dreaded skin condition that affects tens of millions every year. Its presence provokes physical, mental, and social anguish. That may sound extreme, but if you’ve lived with acne for any length of time, then you know it’s no exaggeration.

Acne causes many of us to retreat socially, avoid being included in pictures, and even avoiding our own reflection. I remember coming home from school and burying my red, irritated, and scabbed face into a pillow and praying it would just go away.

I tried all the soaps, creams, solutions, infomercial products, prescriptions, and home remedies but nothing worked. Some of the harsh chemicals even burned my skin, and I was unknowingly wreaking havoc on my gut health with prolonged use of antibiotics. In my teens and twenties, I became my own human experiment resulting in a lot of wasted time, money, and grief in the attempts at healing my skin.

The whole time I never stopped to ask myself what the long-term effects of using these chemicals would have on my skin and my overall well-being. In the back of my mind, I always wondered with all the modern advancements in science and medicine, why wasn’t there a better way to treat acne?

It Can Get better.

the solution is simple, eliminate the bacteria to eliminate acne.

What I wish I would’ve known back then is how to fix the root cause of my acne without using my body as a laboratory testing ground. You may already know this, but acne is caused by bacteria (Propionibacterium Acnes to be exact) that builds up in your pores. This bacterium inflames the skin leading to lesions and blemishes that crush our self esteem and make us uncomfortable.


So, the solution is simple, eliminate the bacteria to eliminate acne. But how can you kill bacteria without acid, peroxide, and the host of other things that should never belong on your skin?

Kill Acne Bacteria with Low-Level-Light Therapy (LLLT)

The good news is acne bacteria does have a kryptonite and you’ve probably experienced it without realizing it. Have you ever noticed that after spending a day in the sun, then your acne improved a little bit? That’s no coincidence. Research has proven that light kills acne bacteria, specifically blue light with wavelengths between 420 and 470nm.

The good news is those of us who suffer from acne now have access to professional light therapy devices we can use in the comfort of our home or on the go. No more trips to the doctor’s office, and no more antibiotics, astringents, creams, solutions, soaps, and prescriptions that can often do more harm than good.

Better Acne Treatment with Celluma LLLT

Celluma utilizes three different wavelengths of light energy; blue, red, and near infrared. Each wavelength travels through the skin to provide energy to under-functioning cells at different depths to bring about a variety of benefits. Blue light travels is the shallowest penetrating wavelength, and is proven to kill acne-causing bacteria. Red and near-infrared light reach cells deeper in the tissue to reduce the inflammation and redness associated with acne lesions and generally enhance over skin tone and texture.

all you need is to sit back, relax, and enjoy 30 minutes of light therapy...

For those of us looking to be free from acne, blue light is very important. However, if you are looking for additional skin healing and recovery, then you will at want a device that uses blue and red light, or blue, red and infrared.


To use Celluma devices, all you need is to sit back, relax, and enjoy 30 minutes of light therapy at home or on the road. You can even nap during your session. It’s really quite a peaceful treatment. And, when you’re done, you may feel a warm radiant sensation in your skin - kind of like you’re glowing.

Celluma devices allow for more effective treatments compared to traditional devices because they are the only light-therapy devices that are flexible. This means you can effectively treat acne anywhere on the body including the neck, chest and back. You can form the light panel into a C- shape for facial treatments or reshape it to treat any area of the body. This allows the device to conform better to the area you want to treat so the energy is distributed more efficiently.


After 5 weeks using Celluma twice weekly:

Best Acne Treatment
The Celluma manages breakouts similar to acne, which develop on the back of my neck. With one use, it is often 50-90% better by the next day.

After 8 weeks using Celluma twice weekly:

Best Acne Treatment
Adult acne haunted me for three years.; I tried every product on the market. I have had clear skin for over a year now; Celluma gave me my life back!

Depending on your needs, here are five of the best Celluma devices to treat acne.

Celluma CLEAR
Celluma CLEAR

The Celluma CLEAR is a single-mode Acne only device that gives the user the blue light they need to eradicate acne-causing bacteria and the red light to help heal the acne lesions while reducing redness and inflammation. If you are looking for simple and effective acne treatment, then this will be your best friend. Learn more about the Celluma CLEAR and shop here.

Celluma FACE
Celluma FACE

Celluma FACE the same size as the Celluma CLEAR but is 2-mode device that with programs to effectively treat both Acne and Wrinkles. Learn more about the Celluma FACE and shop here.

Celluma LITE
Celluma LITE

Celluma LITE is a 3-mode device for powerful and effective treatment of acne as well as anti-aging, and pain management benefits. Learn more about the Celluma LITE and shop here.

Celluma SKIN
Celluma SKIN

Celluma SKIN delivers the same power, efficacy, and size as the Celluma PRO but in a 2-mode version for those in need of skin restoration and rejuvenation in addition to acne treatment. Learn more about the Celluma SKIN and shop here.

Celluma PRO
Celluma PRO

Our flagship product, the 3-mode Celluma PRO is FDA-cleared to treat acne, wrinkles and pain conditions. Click learn more and shop, click here.

You deserve to live confident and comfortable in your skin.

Retire your bottles of cleansers and choose the safe, relaxing, and effective method of treating your acne with Celluma light therapy.

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Patrick Stanton