Celluma Positioning Tutorial

Spend some time learning the best way to position your Celluma for optimal results! This quick guide tells you all you need to know to have your client's skin (and your own) glowing in no time: Read more

Perfect Celluma Partnership

Thanks for highlighting our Perfect Partnership with Kasey Boone! We love to see our practitioners so successful! Read more at www.lneonline.com.

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Celluma RESTORE Featured

Thanks Aesthetic Guide for featuring the new Celluma RESTORE in your article on hair loss. Check it out here: https://www.flipsnack.com/theaestheticguide/nov-dec-2021/full-view.html   

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Dermascope Magazine's Staff Stash

Thanks to Dermascope Magazine/s Director of Marketing & Sales Becky Morris for choosing Celluma as her skin care go-to! 

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Celluma in the American Spa Trends Report 2022

Check out the hottest trends in 2022 and see where light therapy fits in: https://www.americanspa.com/trends/wellness-trends-watch-2022?oly_enc_id=1027D6671390F7V

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